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How to Test WiFi Speed on Mac?

This is a hint that you might need to clean up some of your files or add more RAM. Just remember to close all open apps before trying any of these tests. When you open Geekbench, a small screen appears that prompts you to choose your processor architecture. After making your selection and hitting Run Benchmarks , the test will begin.

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The free version displays your results in a browser. A higher score means more efficiency.

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Check out the Geekbench Browser to compare your results to other Macs. A low score can be a sign that you need to upgrade your Mac.

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  • Download : Geekbench Free, premium version available. Are you curious about how fast your new SSD is? Blackmagic Disk Speed Test can help. More specifically, this tool lets you know how fast your drive can read or write a file. The app is pretty simple to use.


    After changing the test settings, click Speed Test Start to begin the test. The two large gauges will tell you all the information you need. A black screen will appear that slowly fills up with pieces to create a whole image. The faster your computer loads the image, the better your score.

    How to Improve WiFi Speed?

    It checks how well your graphics card can handle a 3D scene in OpenGL mode. The demo shows a video of cars containing many textures about one million polygons and various effects like lighting, transparency, and environments.

    WHY Im Switching to a MacBook Pro VS iMac - Speed Test

    You get the results of the test in frames per second FPS. A higher FPS indicates better performance from your graphics card.

    ‎Speedtest by Ookla on the Mac App Store

    Download : Cinebench Free. Read More. Count It solves this issue by recording your gameplay and keeping track of FPS in a helpful graph. Once completed, the test results will be saved with the date and time in the application, and you can view them at any time from the NovaBench start screen.

    Additionally, the MacBook Air has never been able to be modified. A new HDD will be cheaper and get you more space for your money but will eventually face the same problems as your current drive. It will work in tandem with your existing drive and can be a great fall back in case your drive fails or needs a little extra help. If this sounds like the right solution for you, check out our list of the best external drives for MacBook Pro.

    Then, you can copy your entire library of files, images, videos, and more to this backup location. Many cloud services also offer an automatic backup service, so you never have to worry about accidentally missing your recent files in the event of a hard drive failure. Additionally, getting excess files off your overworked hard drive could help increase its speed. Testing your MacBook hard drive is something everyone should be doing at least occasionally.


    Download: Official Speedtest App by Ookla for Mac – Direct Link

    It provides valuable data for future reference, helps you understand how your computer is functioning and is a good indicator of when it may be time to upgrade a few things. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For context, most modern hard drives have read speeds averaging Mbps and write at Mbps.