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I just wish riot could stay with old client. Running Manjaro Message Im getinng "Bugsplat" error right after installation.

How to Uninstall League of Legends on Mac OS X?

The solution of aztorius works, I guess the script is the same from: Message I cannot get it work. You should try what aztorius says on the previous post, it seems that it is working perfectly. I had similar problems. If you create a new folder on your desktop and call it scriptLoL. It did for me anyway. I don't know why it works. All credit goes to aztorius. Runs well with patch 6. Could you tell me how to switch to winxp sp3?

I'm new and I have no idea. Thanks for your continuous support in this forum! It's really appreciated. Open a terminal, typt winecfg you will see on the bottom of the window "Windows version" and change it to windows xp. Good job pal, I'm using this in Debian 8. At least I'm able to open the LoLPatcher and download the updates.

With the POL script provided it doesn't work. I followed this: Message League of legend wroks fine on wine version 1. Message The game does not run I get the message: I got the updater to launch with wine 1. Hi, Still not working for me.

Although I have been able to run thepatch, I can't connect to lol server after inserting my account name and password. Hey, Bobby, what's probably going on, is that, you're not using wine-staging. If you don't have it installed already, go ahead and install the latest version of wine-staging videos on youtube, and forums Go to the [General] Tab. There you can add wine-staging. Once you do, change the current wine, to wine-staging by using the drop down bar.

Grab the League of Legends Installer

Now configure the drive using winecfg from POL. Hi, I'm new to using Ubuntu You will have the problem that solicion I would greatly appreciate it regards. Once inside a game, do not Alt-Tab. First go to settings, and video. Change it from "Fullscreen" to borderless.

Message Hi guys. I do face exactly the same problem after the new patch. I tried other wine versions, some of them give me the same error and the rest give bugsplats. I found the box to tick for CSMT but not the virtuql desktop Message After the update today, Oct 19th, the game crashes after opening the shop. Does anyone know if a fix for this is coming out? Message Hello, Today i launched lol, but game didnt launch i only get lots of bugsplats.

My system is ubuntu What version of Wine are you using? Since patch 6. When I click to run the program the LoL logo appears and then a bugsplat appears without actually opening the program.

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I have the 1. Message Well Here's what i did find useful: I tried using 1. Message The game crashes on startup. The logs say: No such file or directory: I'm running Manjaro Arch on a 64bit machine. It worked! There were some missing dependencies, but it worked eventually. Thank you! Using Wine 1.

Message Hello guys! Maybe disable Peer to Peer connection when downloading the patch click on question mark at the corner. Message When I play, at the beginning of the game, when I move the map to see other areas or when I use an ability the game just freezes and I don't know how to fix it. Message The problem with the first big update can be solve if you copy and paste de files from a windows installation. Sorry for my english: Message I run Linux Mint I found only two minor problems and those are 1 unbeleavably slow updates 2 you cant click both left and right click at the same time ingame other than that the game works perfect, no frame rate drops.

Yep, thats it. Also, maybe you noticed you cannot use the store due to an "Authorization Required" popup. Cna you try using the last Wine version, 1. I'm newbie, so sorry for any inconvenience in my report. In PlayOnLinux log I've found this error: The script works fine but when I need to install fonta tahoma Message hello every one, i need help, i love to play LOL, but whem i try the de bug version the instalition sorry if that word whas badly writen , but when i instal the game every time it gets to the fonts part the instaltion crashes Btw for the "Store does not work?

Message The installer gets stuck trying to install windows font tahoma Hello there sir.


I do remember tahoma32 specifically, how long have you let it sit? I believe with my fast SSD and cable internet it took mine a while to install as well. For a couple others, too.

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Use it at your own risk. DirectX 9 installation fails. I do not know how to fix it. Message After installation offers to read and agree to the rules, but instead of the text of the white page, the Next button is gray, there is only a cancellation, how to be? EDIT: Found workaround. In my previous code the name of the prefix was changed.

Here is corrected. Good Luck. If for some reason the script installs version 3.

Message to run lol on PoL, download Wine-staging Message Hi guys I've been playing LoL since its first season but after years I had to quit as since I have no computer running o Windows anymore and I don't want to buy it just because of LoL even though I love that game. Message I am posting this just to save you some time if you are not aware of the current events: With Patch 8.

For now, hold strong. Hello People : is my first post. I buried a bit on the internet and found something like that. I'm just wondering if it's safe. A lot of people have checked it and it works!!! Links below to the video from youtube and forum. Here's the complete version of the last script. Should work with Season 7 EU West.

League of Legends Download Links -Mac & PC

Others can test with the other regions. Happy New Year. Can somebody update MD5 checksum? Does it still work for someone? After Patch 8. I managed to make it works: - fresh reinstall with fresh installer - wine 3. I also made it work with 8. If someone know which version chose to get it work, it's welcome!

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Thanks :. Contributing an update, hoping to make it work for Season 7. Happy New Years.

League of Legends for Mac is Now Available as Free Download

Message It's pretty outdated and doesn't work well anymore. Needs a rework. Message i want to dowload lengue of legend but it dosent let me. Message The installers on riot website are no longer available errors for each of the three options. Message Hi Guys, I just want to share what helped me. Message Someone has the bug splat help solution.