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How to import pictures and videos from Phone to Windows PC directly
  1. 3 Methods to Transfer photos from iPhone to Mac Computer
  2. Sync Photos from iOS Devices to Your Mac with Photo Stream
  3. How to use camera uploads
  4. Transfer photos from iphone or iPad using Image Capture

Older photos are removed after the 1,picture limit is reached. You can start out in System Preferences as well. Click iCloud, select Photos, and then select Options. And you can select Automatic Upload to send all new photos to Photo Stream. You can add a photo from Photo Stream to your iPhoto library manually by dragging it to the iPhoto Source list on the left side of the program.

How to add and sync photos on your Mac — Apple Support

To remove photos from Photo Stream, select iCloud in the Source list and then do one of the following:. Select the photo or photos in the display for that stream, and press Delete on your keyboard. Control-click the photo, and choose Delete from My Photo Stream from the contextual menu that appears. You can share Photo Stream images with designated family, friends, or cohorts through the aptly named Shared Photo Streams feature.

How can I copy photos with the same name in windows 8 without having to delete one of the photos? My iPhone has named several pictures with the same number and now I can only copy and replace or do nothing…. Thank you!!!! Hi, thank you for your help on importing my iphone photos! What should i do?

You are right! Thanks for the tips, I will update my post with this info. First, thanks for this great tutorial, I appreciate it! When I attached the phone to my computer it showed only one file at DCIM as always in fact in which there were all my photos but not the vid. So I transferred the photos and then deleted them and whoops: my video had not been transferred obviously but it had disappeared from my phone too far from being obvious to me!

Could you please explain and help me to avoid this next time. Many thanks!! All of your information is the most well explained I have seen! Hoping you can help. I am trying to download pictures off of my iphone 5s to my computer. It looks like and says there are no pictures or videos. Thaks for any help u can give me. Have you tried the instruction to make the photos and videos recognised again which I wrote underneath point number 10 on that article? Thanks for any ideas!! You explained it very well and I turned on the app data and the import videos and pictures to windows, but it still does not transfer them, any other options?

You are a life saver. I was searching numerous sites for HOURS trying how to find out how to re-download previoulsy imported photos.

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Just find it out now. Thanks a lot! Thank you for this well done tutorial! I have 32 folders within my DCIM and it is maddening to find the most recent. I find that the majority of the new files are in the same couple of folders but randomly a recent picture will get placed in a folder with pictures from years ago.

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I assume the useless to me files make some sort of sense to my iOS. Thoughts though? Would it be catastrophic? This is why my prefer method is the auto-import. Hello Chris, Thanks for the article but almost but no cigar yet! I have an ipad that is now on os8. Since the upgrade to os8. Also the pictures on the ipad do not appear anymore in the dcim folder.

3 Methods to Transfer photos from iPhone to Mac Computer

Only pictures taken after the upgrade do. I have about pictures on the ipad but your methods have only allowed me to download about 80 those taken since the upgrade to os8. Any ideas how i can get the old pictures off?. If i try itunesto sync , it appeared to sync with a empty folder or just the 80 pictures and wanted to delete the others on the ipad. Inpresume this as the usage bar on the bottom changed from about 3gb to about mb. I cancelled out of that one. So how can i do it. I think others have had similar situation but have not explained it in the same way. Have you read my other article in regards to the missing camera roll?

Sync Photos from iOS Devices to Your Mac with Photo Stream

Thanks , but no it does not. Did not take a genius to work it out. The problem is that even though I can see all the photos in the moments, years, collections whatever lists, I cannot copy them off to a PC. They do all appear on the ipad photo app. At the top of your article on camera roll you say it is restored in version os8.

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I just checked I am at 8. Bytheway, the latest iOS 8 version should have the Camera Roll back. Do you think you can attach your Album page screenshot? It should have the Camera Roll folder, and if you take picture now, it should go there. Sorry Chris , not in the Photo Stream either. Anyway now it has gotten worse.!!!! I loaded a program called Phototrans from iMedia.

How to use camera uploads

It was taking a while. Then it stopped and I had control again. I clicked on a duplicate, right clicked and selected delete. It went away again and thought about it. I exited the programme , came back, nothing. Checked on the actual Ipad,, also gone…. So now I have tried looking at the backup which I though I was doing. I tried restoring from Itunes, It gave me back my position from three days ago but no pictures.

Again only the photos in camera roll foolder and photo stream folder appear as options now. Now using that programme to look at Icloud backups and it does not see any photo backups at all. The Camera Roll and Photo stream folders are there but have zero contents.

There is no Photo Library folder. So they were in the ApplE cloud somewhere before. So now it looks like its right royally messed up.

Transfer photos from iphone or iPad using Image Capture

Where are all these wonderful backups it keeps doing , all useless now I need it. Just goes to prove why I like DOS!! Apple ….